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Breakfast for Dinner @ Ted's Bulletin

 From the food, to the decor, the fluidity of Ted's Bulletin is impressive. The 1950's style theme that follows throughout is awesome. The TVs have these cute casings around them that make them look like an old antenna tv. 

Date night was at Ted's Bulletin last week and boy were we in for a treat. We sat at the bar, so we could watch the Yankees game. The bartender was awesome! She made some really great recommendations and overall we were really happy with the meal. 

We were hungrier than usual so we opted to skip the appetizers and go straight for entrees. I ordered the Chicken 'N Biscuits. It's 3 mini biscuits, fried chicken breast drizzled with honey. Served with a side of hashbrowns and D.C.'s famous, mumbo sauce. The biscuits were excellent! I enjoyed the chicken as well, but the breasts were a little overcooked. I was hoping the honey would fix the dryness but there wasn't enough honey drizzle evenly on each piece. The mumbo sauce is what really made the dish a winner for me though. It definitely helped to spruce up the chicken. The hashbrowns were really tasty as well. They were seasoned just right and made the meal that much more filling. 

Crab Cake Benedict - Served atop sourdough toast with hashbrowns.

Tyler ordered the Crab Cake Benedict and LOVED it. It was perfectly made. Not too rich in filler and certainly not lacking in crab meat. The eggs were cooked to perfection. Over easy and when cut into, oozed out onto the crab cake and sourdough toast. The sourdough was a really nice change of pace from the traditional biscuit style crab benedict we're used to. The hashbrowns also complemented this dish really nicely. We did mix a little crab cake with some of the mini biscuit from my dish and BOY were we in heaven. The biscuit melts in your mouth, as does the crab cake and it just leaves you wanting more. 

Overall we were both pretty satisfied with our meals. We cleaned our plates and left no remnants of either dish. The only downside is that we wished we ordered this for breakfast and not dinner. Both of us finished our plates and didn't feel the level of fullness we like to feel post dinner. Though, it would have been the perfect to start the day. Our next go round, we're going to stick with traditional dinner at dinner. I'm interested to see what other dishes Ted's has to offer. 

**Since initially writing this piece, Tyler and I have frequented Ted's quite often. We usually order a short stack or french toast as an additional side to ensure that our bellies are happily satiated.**


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