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A Message from Dashh

Welcome to my corner of the digital world - glad you're here! ​


I'm Dashh, a digital native and creative with a deep passion for events, technology, people, and culture  (this is where the integrated marketing bit comes in).


With over 10 years of progressive experience in the event production and digital strategy industries, I have worked on various campaigns and events, from trade shows to experiential activations and corporate annual meetings with general sessions and breakouts. ​ I live for the joy of overcoming challenges and achieving success through designing impactful, engaging, and fun events that connect communities worldwide.


My unwavering love for what I do is rooted in the fact that I'm able to combine my diverse interests in bringing people together through captivating live experiences and multimedia social platforms. ​ Leaning into my entrepreneurial spirit, I embrace the obstacles, drive results, and understand the importance of effectively collaborating with multiple stakeholders to achieve success.


Stay a while and scroll around!

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Tel: (917)-826-6071

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