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A Post to Keep Going:

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

The greatest thing about life is that it's a shared experience. We all relate to each other on some level or another. There's an endless amount of joy to be had in life, sometimes you have to search for it harder than others. This section is to shine a light on those who are doing exactly that. Fighting the hardships, highlighting the progress, and focusing on the goal of genuine happiness with self.

How to keep going

I hope this section inspires you in some way or another. Life is filled with so many reasons to keep trying and doing. There is darkness everywhere. The key is to remember that the darkness doesn't last. The darkness is temporary. Be weary of those who are followed by darkness of some sort and how it affects your own. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves, not out of malice, but purely for survival.

You are your biggest advocate - so you must speak for yourself and create your own narrative.

Start with Love

Find ways to make your heart happy first. Take the time to think about the things that make you genuinely happy. It's important that you discover new things when you're feeling down. There are new perspectives out there just waiting for you to chose them. Look at life through a different lens when things seem unbearably dark.

You got this! You've made it this far. If you ever feel yourself at a standstill, and need a reminder of why, reach out to me. I'm always here for you. You are loved and you are worthy of every breath you take.

The universe has so much goodness in store for you. Just stay tuned.


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