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MHA stands for Mental Health Awareness. This section is dedicated to survival, spirituality, and life journeys.

Digital Dating

The Digital Dating world is probably not the whole new world Princess Jasmine was talking about, but it's here, and it is most certainly to stay.

Digital Dialogue

Digital Dialogue is home to all the interviews. Each month we feature a new individual to highlight their accomplishments!

Dine N Dashh

If you're as much of a foodie as I am, then this section is for you. Here you'll find cool restaurants, yummy recipes, and drool worthy pictures!

Why Digital Dashh began

For a long time, I struggled with bipolar disorder, and wasn't even aware of it. I started this magazine with the intent to share my journey as a means to help others. There are dark and vulnerable moments that are shared, but I promise there's more light shared than anything.


Why these subjects cont.

Dine N Dashh is the section dedicated to something else that in someways has been tied to my mania, and in other ways is just tied to my gluttony. I love good food, and if you knew me when I was a kid, you'd probably say, "pasta, rice, and French fries don't count as knowing good food". I promise, my palette has developed and I eat more than just carbs these days. It's tied to the mania in the sense that, instead of spending all of my money on clothes and shoes, now I (sometimes) manically spend on food. 


Why these subjects?

I'll start with Digital Dating. Digital Dating is directly tied to my bipolar disorder. When in a state of mania, I seek to have multiple partners. Mostly because I'm searching for an adrenaline rush so I can keep riding my manic high. Digital dating means just as much to me as the Mental Health Awareness section, if not more. I really was able to track and measure my mania based on my dating timelines.



Last but certainly not least, Digital Dialogues. This is the heart and soul of my magazine. Other people's stories. I am not the only one who struggles with the state of my own mental health. In fact, more of us do, and don't even know it. You're not really taught about the tricks your mind can play on you. You're not coached for handling depression, bipolar disorder, or any of those things really. This section is for those who don't know yet, but sometimes speculate, and for those who do know, but are to scared to seek a professional. I highly recommend that you do, but I understand it takes time. I hope that this section provides you with reasons to keep going and fighting the good fight. As I've said before, I'm here for you always.

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